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The family business DEHN SE strengthened its board of directors on January 1 of this year: Florian Pullman was appointed Chief Financial Officer.

January 10 2022
1:59 pm

Florian Pullman is the new Chief Financial Officer.
Florian Pullman is the new Chief Financial Officer. Photo: Sebastian Damberger/Dahn C

Newmarket.The 45-year-old has been the company’s commercial director since 2016. Dr. says. Philip Dean, CEO of DEHN SE. “In the context of company growth and further internationalization, Bohlmann will, among other things, increasingly engage in the systematic commercial development of national companies in order to safely and efficiently position DEHN in the world as an ever-growing global player.”

In association with Dr. Philip Dehn (CEO), Helmut Bosch (CSO), Christian Koestler (COO) and Christian Hoehler (CTO), Florian Pullman (CFO) will lead the company in the future.

Florian Bohlmann explains: “Our mission is not only to be a financial advisor, but actually to use the potential of digital technologies and apply them profitably, in short: to be a guide and pioneer towards a successful future by all digital means.”

“In an increasingly internationalized and digitized world, there is a growing need for fast and reliable information in order to plan ahead and respond quickly – and this also applies to the financial sector. Digital and automated solutions open new ways for us to design processes efficiently, provide recommendations for action and identify business potential.” Pohlmann has been the Head of Commercial Functions since 2016 and is responsible for the areas of oversight, accounting, treasury and taxation. As CFO, he will also be responsible for legal affairs, compliance, risk management, information technology, and data protection on January 1, 2022. Prior to that, he worked for the Pfleiderer Group for 14 years, most recently with responsibility for group control, Dehn SE, PR, finally announced.

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