Telecom’s mobile communications were disrupted on Tuesday. There were issues with the phone, SMS and mobile box. There were failures in Congstore as well.

Is there a problem with telecom right now? Many who want to use mobile communications should ask on Tuesday. It’s not the phone, it’s the connection. Because at Telecom, an interruption on Tuesday led to technical problems.

Interruption in telecom: Mobile contacts, SMS, telephone and mobile box were affected

Telecom pointed out the disruption on Tuesday: “Currently, there are isolated vulnerabilities in incoming and outgoing mobile phone calls via LTE (voice-over-LTE), as well as via SMS and mobile voicemail,” the company wrote on Twitter. GSM telephone via 2G will not be affected.

Below the tweet were several comments from users reporting a malfunction in Telecom’s mobile network. Telecom then released tips on how to avoid disruptions. Telecom later announced at 10:22 pm: “We have fixed an internal software bug.” The connections need to work again. The telecom team apologized and agreed: “Today we are not living up to our own standards.”

Cellphone disruption in telecom subsidiary Congstore

There seems to have been a problem with the gangster as well. Error reports also accumulate here. Congstar is a subsidiary of Deutsche Telecom, and caused problems on Tuesday. (THE)


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