Champions League: Havertz kicks off Chelsea’s win, Juventus must tie in the second leg

Thomas Tuchel scored an undisputed victory at home with Chelsea in the first leg of the round of 16 of the Champions League. Kai Havertz puts the “blues” ahead, Christian Pulisic makes the win perfect. Juventus can not overcome the draw against Villarreal.

FC Chelsea – USC Lille 2:0 (1:0)

1: 0 Havertz (8.), 2: 0 Pulisic (63.)

Villarreal – Juventus Torino 1:1 (0:1)

0:1 Vlahovic (1st), 1:1 Parejo (66)

Champions League: Chelsea wins, Juventus only manages a draw

The basics in a nutshell: Thomas Tuchel has taken an important step towards the Champions League quarter-finals with Chelsea. Thanks to strong German player Kai Havertz, the defending champions beat France’s OSC Lille 2-0 (1-0) in the first leg of the round of 16 on Tuesday. In addition, Villarreal and Juventus Turin split 1:1 (0:1).

Havertz, who replaced weak Belgian Romelu Lukaku at the center of the attack, fired the Blues at Stamford Bridge in London ahead after just eight minutes. Christian Pulisic, the former Dortmund player (63th), explained everything about the candidate, who suffered two bad injuries. Within ten minutes Mateo Kovacic and Hakim Ziyech walked off the field.

90. +5 minutes: The final whistle in both stadiums! Chelsea achieved an undisputed home win in the first leg. Villarreal and Juventus tied 1-1.

90. + 3 minutes – London: Lille substitute striker Burak Yilmaz is being sought with ball after ball in the penalty area but Chelsea’s defense is wide awake and leaves no space for them.

90. Minute: Five minutes of injury time in London. In the match between Villarreal and Juventus there are four extra minutes.

88. Minute – London: Barely able to break free, Lille must now be careful that Chelsea’s victory does not go further. Havertz lurks in the penalty area for a header again, but Selleck leaves a corner kick.

84. Minutes – Villareal: Striker Vlahovic leads Juventus, but Villarreal goalkeeper Rulli falls at lightning speed.

80. Minutes – London: Pulisic finished the action after his goal to make it 2-0. Timo Werner can play in the last ten minutes.

76. Minutes – Villareal: After an ambush attack by Juventus, which was stopped by a mistake, a bundle formed in the center of the circle. Villarreal goalkeeper Rulli and Juvis Rabiot received the yellow card.

Pulisic raises for Chelsea and Juventus hands the equalizer

72. Minute – London: Saul shoves from Chelsea on the left and brings the cross into the middle. Night wipes the corner.

66 min – Villareal: TOOOR for Villareal! Capoy sees the gap in Juve’s defense and hits the outstanding Parego, who shoots at the right corner alone against Szczesny. Compensation due for 1:1!

63 min – London: TOOOR for Chelsea! Kante takes the offensive aggressively, attracting many Lille professionals. Then he plays a great pass on the left for Pulisic. Skin lays cool in the long corner. 2-0 to Chelsea!

60. Minutes – London: After Kovacic, Tuchel complained of a second absence due to injury. Ziyech must go too. Saul comes for him.

57. Minute – Villarreal: Juventus make a mistake in the match, then the Spaniards quickly turn. The ball comes to Moreno on the left who cuts it from seven meters to the left corner. Szczesny holds the ball.

54. Minute – London: Time and time again, Chelsea defender Alonso turns to attack. Kante sees him in the far corner, and Alonso takes the ball straight. But at the last moment, there was still a defensive leg between them. The Lille goalkeeper will not be able to catch the ball.

49. Minute – London: Lilles Bamba dances first off Christensen on the left flank, then hits the ball at the far post. Renato Sanchez takes the full risk and hits the ball from a tight angle. Chelsea goalkeeper Mendy does not interfere.

47. Minute – Villarreal: Juventus stays on the trigger. Morata finishes from a central position and places the ball just outside the left post.

46 min: The second half is going on!

Chelsea and Juventus lead in the first half

45. + 1 min: The first half in both stadiums!

40. Minutes – London: Renato Sanchez, the former Bayern Munich professional, leads on the left and moves to the center. from 20 meters and then completely warp above the gate. Lil still haunts the narrow impotence.

37. Minute – London: Defensively, Silva, Christensen and Rudiger don’t let anything burn. Lil can’t cross and continues to get dangerous counterattacks. Havertz escapes on the right flank, but his cross is deactivated in time.

35. Minutes – Villareal: Good end of Villareal! Capoue takes his heart from 25 meters and hits the ball over the left corner of the cross. The Spaniards are getting better at the game.

29 min РLondon: It should be 2-0! Kant̩ wins the ball in the center circle and has a clear trajectory. The through ball falls to the right at Ziyech, who attempts to dribble inward, but takes the ball lightly with him and pins it to Botmann.

24. Minutes – Villareal: Lots of little breaks. Morata fell in the middle of the field. Vlahovic, Juventus’ top scorer, also continues to meet with Villarreal’s Pau. Incidentally, his goal after 32 seconds is the fastest goal he has ever scored in a Champions League debut.

19. Minute – London: Kante hits the cross right at Alonso, who was left completely alone in the left penalty area. His direct acceptance errs only to the right. Chelsea immediately pushes for the next goal.

14. Minutes – Villareal: Almost equal! Pedraza walks over half of the square, then still has an eye on Lo Celso who started so brilliantly. He doesn’t hesitate too long, takes a shot from the left and hits the left post – bad luck for Villarreal!

Havertz scores for Chelsea, Juventus leads after 30 seconds

11. Minute – London: Long enough pass and undermine Chelsea defence. Selek beats Azpilicueta on the right, but a poor cross pass. Upon entering the London Box again, Rudiger almost swerved away from his goal. The ball flies over the crossbar.

8 minutes – London: TOOOR to Chelsea! Havertz comes free in a header after the corner and hits the net with a touch. Early lead for Tuchel!

4. Minute – London: Chelsea are pressing early to the top. Havertz is sent perfectly on the right side into the penalty area, aiming for the far corner, but Lille’s goalkeeper hits the corner.

The first minute – Villarreal: Core for Juventus! The Spaniards carelessly lose the ball in the construction game. Vlahovic skips the defense and gets a perfect cross from Danilo into the penalty area. Vlahovic

He sets the ball brilliantly and hits the skin from a distance of twelve meters to the left corner. 1-0 to Juventus after 30 seconds!

1st minute: Kick-off in both stadiums!

UEFA Champions League – Information before the start of the match

6 p.m.: Welcome to the live tape from FOCUS Online. The next round is approaching 16 first legs and it will be tough for Chelsea – at least that’s Thomas Tuchel’s prediction for a Champions League duel against French champions OSC Lille.

“We have to accept that we are at a point where things are tighter and more difficult than usual,” the new club’s World Champions team manager said, looking forward to the Round of 16 first leg on Tuesday. In the second round of 16 first leg matches, Villarreal and Juventus Turin face each other today.

Team Tuchel is demanding best performances on the assembly line, which has participated in five competitions this season and has already won a trophy at the Club World Cup in Abu Dhabi. Next Sunday at Wembley there will be a chance for the next game in the League Cup final against Liverpool – but before that the mandatory program must be successfully completed.

In a 1-0 win in a tough league game against Crystal Palace on Saturday, that was only partially convincing. But what matters at a higher stage of physical and mental stress for the team of national players Kai Havertz, Timo Werner and Antonio Rudiger are the results. Also against the night.

“We are confident of doing well because we are playing at a high level in the knockout matches, the cup matches and the Champions League,” said Tuchel, who won the Hunklepot title with his team last year.

It is important not to think too much about the fact that Chelsea are seen as the favourite of the experts: “We are taking it step by step and we will be ready to fight with them at a good level.”

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