Sylvie Mays reveals: That is why love does not return with Raphael van der Vaart

Sylvie Mays speaks openly about her feeling that she was constantly being watched. Photo: youtube / sylvie meis

Sylvie Mays reveals: That is why love will not return with Raphael van der Vaart

Sylvie Mies and footballer Raphael van der Vaart tied the knot in 2005. A year later, they crowned their love with their son Damien. Eight years later, love followed and the two announced their separation. This stage was accompanied extensively by the media. The subsequent relationship between Raphael and Sabya Boulahrouz – at least Sylvie’s best friends at the time – made headlines.

In Sylvie’s new YouTube video, the presenter and entrepreneur answers fan questions and talks about the time and first dates of the break-up afterward. The 43-year-old explains how she continues to affect her even today so much that she was severely persecuted by the paparazzi at the time. She also reveals if it is possible for her to return her love with her ex-husband.

Selfie Mays removes rumors

At first, Sylvie devoted himself to the rumor of “the return of love with Raphael”. She has unequivocally explained: “This of course is out of the question. I have my husband Niklas and I love him very much, and Raphael is a best friend.” Handball player Estafana Pullman is already considered to be his wife, even if he hasn’t married yet. It is unbelievable. For these reasons, Selfie finally confirms: “So there is no return of love.”

After all, a selfie supporter wanted to know how she handled rumors and gossip about her person. First of all, the mother of one of the sons says there are stories about her in the press in which an alleged friend of hers expresses herself and is sure of her way of thinking about what she does, says and claims. He knew this and that about her. “Maybe this is just a journalist who wants to make the story more believable in order to sell it as true.”Selfie speculates.

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And also: “Even today, every time I see a title, my heart automatically beats faster.” This reminds her of a clip from her past where she appeared story after story about her. Reveal:

“It was a tough time in my life when I was clearly trying to deal with my divorce, get out again, establish relationships, or just want to date men I wanted to meet. But I never really had a chance to get to know anyone without the interference of the press.”

This was a period of life in which she had paparazzi in front of her home around the clock for at least two years. When her heart was making headlines again, Sylvie remembers that time, “Where I felt I was only being watched and where I didn’t want to watch.”

“I thought it was unfair at the time that I couldn’t have dinner with someone or maybe meet him again for coffee,” she confirms. Accordingly, she was deprived of her, for example, after three months, to say: You are nice, I admire you, but you will not be my husband. “I have a feeling that I haven’t had a chance,” Sylvie said. She doesn’t need this anymore, because she met her dream man Niklas Castillo at the wedding of Barbara Mayer and Clemens Holman. In 2020, the two finally got married romantically in Florence.


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