Swiss billionaire Hansjörg Wyss is interested in Chelsea

After the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich left the English football club Chelsea, a Swiss billionaire expressed his interest in the club. “I received an offer with three other people to buy Chelsea from Abramovich,” said Hansorg Weiss of the Swiss newspaper Blick. It is not yet certain whether he will buy it, the newspaper wrote. ‘I have to wait four to five days now.’ Abramovich was quoted by Wyss as asking too much at the moment.

“I can imagine joining Chelsea with partners,” Wes continued. “I would definitely not do something like this on my own. If I bought Chelsea, then with a consortium of six to seven investors.

The 86-year-old Wes is one of the richest men in the world. US magazine Forbes currently estimates his net worth at $5.1 billion. He lived in the United States for decades. There he ran a medical technology company, which in 2012 he sold to the US company Johnson & Johnson for a profit of billions. It encourages and finances many educational institutions and environmental protection projects.

The oligarch Abramovich is under fire for being close to Putin

Abramovich announced, on Saturday, his desire to hand over the management of Chelsea, the winner of the European Football Championship, to the directors of the club’s charitable foundation. The oligarch was previously under increasing criticism for his closeness to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Demands for sanctions against the owner of Chelsea FC have increased.

According to the Times report, there are already fears in London that Abramovich may sell his assets in Great Britain before sanctions harm him. For example, Labor MP Chris Bryant warned in Parliament this week that the oligarch would sell his properties in London.


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