Lost Ark players say,

Smilegates MMORPG missing coffin It has been available from us in the West for a few weeks now. Players are now able to experience the game’s many activities, including Guardian Raids, Chaos Dungeons, and Abyss Dungeons, all of which offer very different gaming experiences. As usual with an MMO, all the content gradually becomes more difficult as you progress towards the end of the game.

Amazon is already rocking the Nerf Club

As it stands, Amazon is currently feeling some end-game activities are too challenging for the MMO player base. The company recently resigned In a forum postThat some Guardian raids and Abyss Dungeons would be lightened up a bit. Among them are Guardian Tytalos, which is the first to bring a one-shot mechanic to the Guardian Raids, and Abyss Dungeon Hildebrandt Palace, which includes some very narrow “step-checks”.

Many players in the official title forums, on Twitter and also on reddit They are not at all excited about this. The difficulty is what makes the varied PvE content interesting for some players. Finally, defeating a boss you’ve already given up on a few times gives many players a good feeling. A similar situation can be seen in popularity Dark Souls Reihe Watch. Here, too, many fans are staunchly opposed to the “easy mode”. We also explore the question Whether or not Souls titles really have to be that hard.

Player and YouTuber Stoopzz, who is known for his very detailed instructions, was shared For example, scan around Whether the initial content of Lost Ark (Buy now €19.99) Actually worth downgrading. A total of 92 percent of those surveyed answered “no.” However, it is important to note that players who consume Lost Ark content outside of the game, such as watching streams and how-to videos, reading articles, etc., are not likely to be considered “regular players”. Those who delve deeper into the game will likely find the difficulty of the bosses more convenient than a player who scores on one of the hardest Guardian raids without any information.

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User contribution “Champxgne” from Official forums It has now received over 2,000 responses. Here players are hotly debating whether the extinctions were really justified a few weeks after the game’s release.

Gamers fear for the future of Lost Ark

The difficulty level of Lost Ark increases significantly, especially with “Level 3 Content”. For the majority of players in Korea and Russia, the joy of playing it comes precisely from this increasing level of difficulty. With the advertised nerfs, some gamers in the West are concerned that T3 content might also get nerf, which might simply destroy the premise of that content.

However, it’s also worth noting that different Guardians get a 50 percent increase in their life points upon launch. So, on average, players spend significantly more time on one of these raids, which requires more abilities to dodge and complete the mechanics correctly. Weakening the HP values ​​would only raise the Lost Ark in the West to the level of the other regions. In the past, some players have already asked Amazon to do Undo changes to life pointsbecause the boss just fights and it takes longer and it doesn’t get more difficult.

On the other hand, there are some players who would be really happy with these achievements. In fact, we should only have been given access to the first level of content at launch. However, right before the release, Amazon announced that we were actually allowed to advance to the beginnings of Level 3. This also brought in some catch-up mechanics that were intended in other regions for new players to quickly catch up with the last level of content. As a result, many Abyss Dungeons and Guardian Raids will only complete a few times before players level up their items enough to unlock the next boss or reach a new level. This is exactly the reason why some social media players don’t want to spend a lot of time on initial boss fights because they get very old very quickly.

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Furthermore, Roxx explained in other functionThe chances of success for the mentioned content are less than ten percent. Amazon wants to strike a balance where players can enjoy taking on a challenging boss without feeling frustrated by a number of streaks.


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