Sweden Calls Out Russia-Backed Disinformation on NATO and Koran Burnings

Title: Russia-Backed Disinformation Campaign Aimed at Damaging Sweden’s Image and NATO Bid Unveiled

Subtitle: False Claims of Swedish Support for Quran Burnings Trigger Widespread Anger

In a recent revelation, Sweden has become the latest target of a disinformation campaign orchestrated by “Russia-backed actors,” with the objective of tarnishing the country’s image and derailing its bid to join NATO, according to sources. The campaign has gained momentum following the spread of false allegations suggesting that Sweden overtly supported recent burnings of the Quran, an act that has outraged Muslims worldwide.

Swedish Minister for Civil Defence, Carl-Oskar Bohlin, has categorically denounced these allegations, labeling them as baseless and propagandistic. Bohlin stressed that the Russian-backed actors are purposefully amplifying inaccurate claims of Swedish state involvement in the desecration of holy scriptures—an assertion that holds no truth.

Supporting Bohlin’s standpoint, Swedish Premier Ulf Kristersson clarified that the Swedish state does not condone or authorize the burning of copies of the Quran. He emphasized that Sweden follows constitutional provisions that permit public gatherings but do not extend to permitting such provocative acts like Quran burnings.

The disinformation campaign has also caught the attention of Mikael Ostlund, spokesperson for Sweden’s Psychological Defence Agency, who stated that Russia is exploiting the Quran burnings to further its own agenda and manipulate the media narrative, thereby complicating Sweden’s NATO membership aspirations.

Despite condemnation and disapproval of the burnings from both Denmark and Sweden, the countries acknowledge that they cannot intervene due to the laws protecting freedom of speech. Turkey, which holds the power to veto Sweden’s NATO membership, has strongly criticized the protests and called on Sweden to take decisive action against the perpetrators.

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The controversy surrounding freedom of speech has had a significant impact on Sweden’s security situation. The Swedish security service, SAPO, has warned that the country’s security condition has deteriorated, particularly in Muslim-majority regions, as a result of the recent events. This negative perception of Sweden may have severe consequences, amplifying tensions and threatening stability.

Despite these concerns, Sweden has not altered its security-alert level, which currently stands at level 3, indicating an elevated risk. Authorities remain vigilant, closely monitoring the situation and assessing potential threats.

As Sweden grapples with these challenges and endeavors to mitigate the harmful effects of the disinformation campaign, it remains steadfast in its commitment to NATO and strengthening international alliances to ensure national security and stability.


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