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Stylish, practical and compact: BMW CE 02 – youth e-bike

Stylish, practical and small
BMW CE 02 – Youth E-Motorcycle

With the Concept CE 02, BMW is not only introducing a youth motorcycle for the A1 class driving license, but also a step towards electric two-wheeled mobility. However, at the moment, it is more about movement in urban space.

At the IAA Mobility fair in Munich (September 7-12), BMW-Motorrad is showing for the first time a motorcycle aimed primarily at young people aged 16 and over. It is the so-called concept, which, according to the Munich-based company, represents the initial stage of a project that is already in-house developed. Concept CE 02 is a fully electric 15hp mini motorcycle that can be driven from 16 years old with a Class A1 driving licence.


The Concept CE 02 weighs just 120 kg.

(Photo: BMW)

The small dimensions and youthful appearance of CE 02 should make it visually appealing. With 120 kilograms ready to drive and thanks to the powerful acceleration of the electronic machine, the thrust should also be very attractive. However, the maximum speed will be limited to 90 km / h. The specified range is 90 kilometers in an urban environment. So that new bikes do not have any problems in operation, it should be very simple. Because according to the will of BMW, the car should become “a constant companion in everyday life”.

Small luggage space


With the Concept CE 02, BMW is also introducing a completely new generation of safety clothing.

(Photo: BMW)

The continuous seat allows for different seating positions and also allows for another person to be taken with you. The space between the seat and the frame provides space for small luggage. So it is possible not to attach very large utensils, such as a skateboard, to the front area of ​​the seat using two cross-linked rubber bands. The seat height itself is very low at 73cm and should also appeal to non-motorcyclists. 15-inch disc wheel spins front and rear.

Although there is no information yet on the battery, BMW is already indicating new types of outerwear that will reach a new level in terms of design and protection. The newly developed technology allows, among other things, to print the protective function. Integrated volume-forming material is abrasion-resistant and shock-absorbing. The production of materials and the manufacture of jackets – there are different models for women and men – will take place entirely in Germany, as is BMW.

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