Home entertainment Schlager star in hospital: Concern for Erin Sher

Schlager star in hospital: Concern for Erin Sher

Schlager star in hospital: Concern for Erin Sher

Erin Scherr on “Always Again Sundays” in June 2021.

© Guenter Hofer / SchwabenPress / Imago

Concern for Erin Scherr: The Schlager singer had to go to the Berlin Charité for an emergency operation.

BERLIN – Concern for the star Irene Scheer: the 72-year-old had to undergo an urgent operation in the hospital. She announced this through her Facebook account.

Erin Sher: Urgent Operation at Challenger Star

On Thursday, September 2, she wrote, “Good morning from Charité in Berlin.” “You may have already noticed that I had to cancel some performance dates. The reason is an urgent operation carried out yesterday. I’m fine so far, everything has gone well. The staff here take great care of me.” Customer review is automatically translated from German.

She continues: “I will be back soon for you! But now I need a little break.” So this is all just my routine? This is still completely open. Erin Sher did not reveal the health condition that took her to the hospital. However, “urgent surgery” does not look good. Posting on Facebook is a concern for many fans, friends and colleagues, as evidenced by the comments.

Erin Sher: Many hope that Schlager’s star will recover soon

Moderator Uwe Hübner wrote, “As already written on WhatsApp: Get well soon!” “Recover soon, Erin. I hope everything is fine very quickly. Greetings from the old sailing crew. “Recover soon and don’t lose your courage” is just one of the many, many wishes for improvement from fan circles. Jürgen Drews also worries his supporters. (flexible)

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