Home Top News Storm Today: Flooding After Heavy Rain – Current Improvements

Storm Today: Flooding After Heavy Rain – Current Improvements

Storm Today: Flooding After Heavy Rain – Current Improvements

Storm With Heavy rain In South France For Tuesday, September 14, 2021 Flood And Flood Noticed.

Some streets are no longer passable and city centers are submerged. The A9 Highway Between Names And Montpellier blocked. There was one person who went missing on Tuesday evening and the worker who was struck by lightning was slightly injured. For Wednesday, 09/15/2021, More rain is now expected.

Severe weather warning for 13 departments

After this Storm Cleaning work began on Tuesday in the affected areas. However, heavy rains are expected again in southern France on Wednesday, September 15, 2021. There was one Storm warning The second highest level is orange 13 fields Pronounced.

Motor and rail tracks blocked: repairs will be completed by the end of the week

Clearance and cleaning vehicles were on overnight A9 Highway Between Names And Montpellier In the process of making the connection, which was temporarily blocked by debris and water, re-passable. Pent-up traffic was initially left in a lane. According to the operator SNCF, repair work on the railway tracks will in some cases not be completed by the weekend.

Storm in France: Wednesday off for schools

Wednesday, September 15, 2021 Heavy rain is expected again in the affected areas. I’m already worried about Tuesday Department Cart So it’s all Wednesday Schools Keep the lid on.

Wahringan: Get ready for heavy rain

Interior Minister Durman: Disaster must be determined

Minister of the Interior of France Of Gerald Durman In the evening he went to the affected area and confirmed support. Of Disaster To resolve claims through insurance, it is important to immediately determine if this will help the victim, among others. “I provide protection to all my residents affected by the storm Support The minister also said that extreme caution should be exercised in the next few days. 900 firefighters and civil defense personnel are involved in 450 missions in the area.

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