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After Capitol Storm: US Military Command Restricts Trump’s Access to Nuclear Weapons – Politics

After storming the US Capitol on January 6, according to media reports, Chief of Staff Mark Milley took secret precautions to limit then-President Donald Trump’s legal authority over nuclear weapons. CNN Radio and The Washington Post reported on Tuesday, citing an unpublished book that deals with the end of Trump’s presidency.

Renowned investigative journalist Bob Woodward and longtime Washington Post reporter Robert Costa wrote in “Danger” (Danger) that Millie was shaken by Trump supporters after storming the Capitol. He therefore called for a secret meeting with the responsible commanders on January 8 to ensure that no offensive military strike would take place without his consent.

“Whatever you are ordered to do, you follow the procedure. You do the process. Mielle is said to have said. After that, Mielle is said to have asked everyone involved directly if they understood it.”

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