Heavy rains and hurricane-force winds in southern Upper Bavaria on Wednesday flooded roofs, damaged buildings and streets. The control center announced 119 operations in the Rosenheim district, a spokesman for the district office said Wednesday afternoon. Especially that Half the municipality Concerned about a hundred homes were without electricity on Wednesday evening. In addition, the church tower is considered to be in danger of collapsing after storm damage.

The Rosenheim District Office reported until Wednesday evening: a structural engineer who was on site to inspect the tower gave all the clarity. About 200 people who had been brought to safety returned home. However, due to the storm damage, the upper part of the church tower was protected from the inside. In addition, there is a risk of falling from the porches on all four sides below the top of the church tower. Therefore, extra safety measures should be taken at night. Parts of the site were currently closed.

Further Amarang, Haslwang and Sachenov communities The roofs were damaged during the storm. The trees fell, and the cellars were flooded. According to the Rosenheim District Office, there were initially no reports of injuries. Authorities warned against driving or walking in the area in the afternoon as there was a risk of trees falling or parts of buildings falling.

At the neighbor’s house Transstein District The storm caused trees to fall, streets to flood and many cellars to be submerged. The Transstein Control Center said about 180 emergency calls were received due to the storm by Wednesday afternoon. Particularly affected Obedience to the municipality With more than 80 tasks. So initially no injuries were reported.

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Joseph Xchwentner, managing director of the Transstein Control Center, said Wednesday afternoon, “We had a very short, three – quarter hour emergency call.” We are still working hard here, but nothing more has been added. “


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