St. Pölten - Hartburg 0: 1: Hartburg defeated St. Pölten and returned home on Monday «

Hartberg defeated St. Pölten 1-0 and enjoyed their rights at home on Monday because Vienna Austria lost 3-2 to Reed at the same time.

8:53 PM, May 21, 2021

Football - BL, St. Pölten vs. Hartberg
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TSV Hartberg, who was not in the top lineup, finished the German Bundesliga qualifiers with a victory over SKN St. Pölten on Friday evening. Due to the simultaneous defeat with Wiener of Austria, Hartberger secured the first place and the associated sanctuary directly in the UEFA Cup match against Violet. Philip Storm Made the only goal away from home (42).

Lower Austria, who had already been bottom in the standings before, remained without a win in the fourteenth game inside the wing and also failed to gain self-confidence before the two play-offs for relegation against Wacker Innsbruck or Austria Klagenfurt.

As the season goes through extra time for both teams due to playoffs or relegation, both coaches have alternated aggressively. There were seven changes to SKN compared to the previous round. Among them was a former goalkeeper for Hartberg Armin GrimslWho survived instead due to a shoulder injury Christoph Regler Guard the gate. Ten jobs have changed Marcus Schope The starting lineup, only one Christian Clem He was on the field from the start, just as before.

St. Bolton had the best offensive actions in the first ten minutes. Head of Michael Blauensteiner He went by the gate (the eighth). In the 26th minute, only the crossbar prevented a free kick from Christoph Halper The opening goal of the home team. Hartberger scored the ball for the first time in the 11th minute, but Sturm was offensive in the opposite attack.

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A full but extremely central long-range shot by Lucas Reid was deactivated Gremsl goalkeeper (16.) Another attempt from a distance Samson Tijani He slightly exceeded it (36). In the 42nd minute, the visitors finally scored the opening goal: Sturm fired the ball after a long pass in attack and a cross pass from Mark Schmerbock He crossed the line – and was allowed to celebrate his first goal in the Bundesliga.

Coffey Scholes Meanwhile, two of his rough acquaintances flogged. Because St.Polltner was hit by a powerful bullet in the head from Reed and fell to the ground. In the second half he just had to come on a break Stefan Rakowitz It is replaced by wounds after only ten minutes of use. That was a steep climb for the Peter Bukorni Run up, who only saw the yellow card for it.

Hartberger’s side pulled ahead in the second half, but like St. Pölten’s, they didn’t have any serious chances at first. Another brutal bug caused an uproar Abdoul Yoda He shot down his opponent Blaweinsteiner and was sent off in the 77th minute. A totally angry Yoda had to be pacified by many of the Heartburgers, including Schupp.

Only in the last minutes the home team ensured a lot of activity in front of the TSV gate. St.Polton found a big chance in the 86th minute: Samuel Tetteh couldn’t use a long ball at the top – also due to hitting Heartburg keeper while he was running out Raphael Salinger He went to earth.

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