Squad exit at year end: Höhner Krautmacher . breaks up

The band will come out at the end of the year
Höhner Frontman Krautmacher is finished

A well-kept beard and good mood are always his trademarks: Höhner singer Henning Krautmacher will turn his back on his band at the end of the year. But foolish musicians must continue to exist.

Höhner will have to dispense with their striker: Henning Krautmacher is retiring. “The course is set so that I can retire at the end of the year,” the musician says in an interview with RP Online. History “is not set in stone, but it makes sense.” It was not easy to find a successor for him. “It worked in the end thanks to the cologne class,” Krautmacher says.

He has been on stage with Patrick Locke since November 2021. “People will recognize Patrick and see for themselves that he is a great original musician, singer and artist who can pilot the ship himself at the end of the year,” confirms Krautmacher. Despite his departure, Henning Krautmacher is looking forward to the band’s future: “Basically, we’ll be in the know if Höhner continues to exist for a few more decades. So we don’t rest on our laurels.” On the contrary: for this year’s fiftieth anniversary, the Cologne music group is planning “twelve new songs for the anniversary CD, which show that Höhnern is making progress,” the team leader revealed. “But the old nicknames have not been forgotten either,” he asserts.

After his time with Höhnern, he was never bored. Krautmacher will be “more active in the kitchen again”. The 64-year-old also plans to write a novel: “I need time and free time for this. It’s a kind of excitement in Cologne about the cathedral city. My musician plays the main role.” He’s not giving up on music either: Krautmacher will continue writing songs as soon as he has “new ideas”. “I don’t have to sing anymore,” he says.

Krautmacher celebrates his farewell to Germany’s “Höhner Christmas” tour. His last concert will be in Dusseldorf on December 22nd. Krautmacher has been a member of Höhner since 1986 – that’s for 36 years. Among her most famous songs are the carnival song “Viva Colonia” and the 2007 Handball World Cup song “If not now, when?”.

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