Sophia Tomalla
Is he with tennis star Alexander Sverev?

Sophia Tomalla

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In June, Sofia Tomalla confirmed her separation from footballer Loris Carias. Now the presenter must have a new athlete: tennis star Alexander Sverev.

Is this the love message of the year? According to “Built” information, Sofia Tomalla, 32, and Olympic tennis champion Alexander Sverev, 24, are lovers. They are said to have met through a mutual friend and the acquaintance is said to have become more acquainted a few weeks ago.

Sophia Tomalla and Alexander Sverrev couple?

Just a few months ago host Sofia Tomalla confirmed to “Built” on June 17, 2021 that she is no longer with footballer Loris Carius, 28. The news was amazing. There were even rumors of engagement. Tomallah’s separation statement was very concise and cool: “There is only one thing to say about this: we are individual human beings! He can do whatever he wants from now on.” Now Alexander Sverrev? It didn’t look any different to her ex.

Blue eyes, blonde hair: Alexander Sverev had little resemblance to Sofia's former Loris Carios.

Blue eyes, blonde hair: Alexander Sverev had little resemblance to Sofia’s former Loris Carios.

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He was in a relationship with sports star “GNTM” model Brenda Pattea until summer 2020. In March 2021 the two became the parents of little Mela. Since then, no new woman has been found on Sverev’s side. He recently focused more on his sporting career, has been Germany’s top tennis player since 2018 and was the first German to win gold in the men’s singles at the Olympics in Tokyo in August.

Now Sofia Tomalla and Alexander Sverrev must float together again in the nine clouds. However, the two have not yet confirmed their relationship. GALA could not reach Tomalla’s administration.

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