Sniper Elite 4: Free upgrade available for new generation

A free upgrade of the new generation of the third-person tactical shooter game Sniper Elite 4 has been released.

Thomas Waterhouse-Biggins, Associate Producer at Rebellion, talks about improving Sniper Elite 4 for the Xbox Series X/S. Free upgrade is now available.

When asked why the development of Sniper Elite 4 for the Xbox Series X/S was attractive, he answered that, above all, it could provide gamers with a smoother and clearer experience. The additional performance of the new generation was also convincing, in order to preserve the details of the environment and objects even from a distance.

“Sniper Elite 4 is a game we’re incredibly proud of as a studio, and it’s exciting that we can come back to improve the experience even further. Thanks to next-generation hardware, we can now run the game in 4K at 60 frames per second, giving gamers a much smoother and clearer experience. It was The title is FPS Boost capable thanks to Microsoft, which gave us a great starting point for the next generation release of Sniper Elite 4. After working on Zombie Army 4 for Xbox Series X/S, we knew we could move forward to give gamers additional perks.”

“The first time we started the game and played it at a better frame rate and resolution, it was a very cool moment, but we wanted to see how we could improve the game. This led us to implement a technique called Contrast Sharpening. In addition to increasing the resolution, this new feature creates a clearer image and shows High level of detail. In addition, the extra power allowed us to get details of surroundings and objects even from a distance. This is a big bonus for the open levels and the variety of opinions you can find in the game.”

For the Italy-based game, the improvement will also have an impact on the gaming experience. Thomas also explains why the studio is focusing on increased resolution and higher frame rates.

“Because the game is set in Italy, we were able to use the great looking locations there when creating the levels. Our Xbox Series X/S performance allows us to show these places at their best, from the sunny fishing town of Betante Village to the dense jungle of Regilino Viaduct. We’ve taken an open-world approach to flatten the design for Sniper Elite 4 and it’s exciting to see these 4K landscapes while sticking to 60fps.”

“Sniping is an essential part of the gaming experience, and thanks to the higher frame rate and resolution, it’s never seen before. Improvements in frame rate increase responsiveness, which in turn allows for more accurate shots. Increased accuracy makes it easier to scan open areas and locate enemies, as well as seeing All the gory details in bullet cameras. The bottom line is that getting the perfect shot is now much more satisfying.”

Experience tweaking Zombie Army 4 for Xbox Series X/S helped the team rework Sniper Elite 4 faster. Additional improvements such as faster load times and smoother controls are among the hallmarks of the Xbox Series X/S upgrade for developers.

“The initial process for running the game on new hardware was quick and easy. Thanks to our experience with Zombie Army 4 earlier this year, we knew we could easily incorporate these improvements. It wasn’t long before we saw the benefits of faster load times with increased frame rate and resolution, And what that might mean for players. The ease with which Zombie Army 4 has been developed means we can’t resist going back and reworking Sniper Elite 4. “

“It’s hard to say, thanks to the improved loading process, you can get to the big levels faster and while playing the levels look great and the controls are much smoother. For me personally, it was great to see the bullet cam improvements come together. We always enjoy all the amazing shots that get It has the players and the reactions from the people on the bullet cam. That’s why it’s great to be able to give the players a better version.”

Sniper Elite 4 is included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and can be used with An 80 percent discount can be purchased at the Xbox Store.

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