While the epidemic peak was reached last week at the national level, the regional infection rate represents a slowdown in Normandy. According to the encrypted bulletin published by the Regional Health Agency this evening, Tuesday, As of February 1, the district had an infection rate of 3,241.1 cases per 100,000 population, a decrease of 1.1% in one week.

But if the general trend is downward at the regional level, the situation is not uniform by location. The infection rate is already declining in three Normandy provinces : minus 7.4% in Eure (3,119.7), minus 5.3% in Seine-Maritime (3,291.5) and minus 3.5% in Orne (2,740.7). On the other hand, it increased by 12% in Manche (3366.6) and Calvados, in addition to 4.9% (3367.2)

In this context, vaccination and respect for barrier gestures are more important than ever to protect ourselves, protect others, and protect our health system as a whole.“Remember the ARS. Knowing that This Wednesday, February 2, marks the relaxation of some restrictions, such as the end of the obligation to wear a mask outdoors and the disappearance of indoor scales.

Despite the low infection rate, the number of hospital stays for patients infected with the Covid-19 virus continues to increase. As of January 31, 1,709 people with Covid-19 were hospitalized in Normandy, compared to 1,403 last week, including 142 in intensive care (131 in the last update).

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