Olympia 2022: The Biathlon Legend Shoots A Strange Scene

Olympia 2022: The Biathlon Legend Shoots A Strange Scene
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From: Andrew Knobloch

Olympia 2022 Biathlon Martin Fourcade
Martin Fourcade explored the track at the Olympics and filmed an intriguing spectacle. © Instagram Martin Fourcade

As a five-time Olympic champion, there are still some impressions from the past few years, but even Martin Forcade is surprised by the recent discoveries.

BEIJING – The Olympic Games in Beijing have not yet begun, but there are already the first photos and impressions that athletes leave at the site. For example, German skier Josef Verstel showed some photos from his first ski slope inspection in Yanking. Other winter sports enthusiasts have also already arrived and gained their first experience in the culture and measures taken by the Chinese government. Also there is former best mathematician and five-time Olympic champion Martin Fourcade. The French player has retired but is considered a candidate for the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Athletes’ Committee, which has elected several high-profile athletes – most of them former – to serve as a link between the athlete and the federation.

Olympia 2022: Fourcade Explores Beijing – A Biathlon Legend Filming

So Fourcade is in Beijing and he’s already explored the area. He filmed the most diverse impressions with his mobile phone. He was in a souvenir shop and was wearing his sleds for a road test. more active Athlete Fourcade was an excellent runner who made up for the occasional shooting error with his condition.

But before he slips on his cross-country ski boots and zips up his sled, he shoots a bizarre scene in front of a bus. According to Fourcade’s video, the bus has been cleared from the outside. The whole scene didn’t look like a “normal car wash” because such a delicate jet doesn’t wash away any dirt.

Olympics 2022: A man in a protective suit sprays outside the bus

The man in the hazmat suit walked around the bus once and sprayed it. Fully veiled as if the worker works in a factory, he takes care of the car in the open air. Forcade photographed it and wrote, “We live in strange times.” At least he can experience this “weird time” at the Olympics, which is why some people will definitely envy him.

Olympia 2022 Biathlon Martin Fourcade
A man in a protective suit talks about a bus at the Olympics. Martin Fourcade pictures the scene. © Instagram screenshot Martin Forcade

Fans can look forward to more impressions of the 13-time world champion and seven-time World Cup winner, as the 33-year-old is just a spectator in Beijing. Perhaps he can notice a German success, although German athletes are not among the absolute favorites, but everyone is good for surprises. (ank) *tz.de And Merkur.de extensive report on the Olympics from February 4-20 (everything is in the schedule)


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