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Sky Q online: Watch Sky without cable or satellite

Sky Q online: Watch Sky without cable or satellite
Anyone who wants to watch Sky without a cable or satellite dish connection will need to access the Sky Ticket streaming service until the end. That changes with immediate effect with the new Sky Q online offer. This is basically the well-known service. Instead of the receiver, a streaming box that looks a bit like an Apple TV is sent. You connect them to the Internet and have a look. You no longer need cable or satellite. You can connect to the Internet via WLAN or LAN cable.

Book Sky Q online


Service subscribers get access to Sky Entertainment for €12.50 per month. In-house productions such as “Das Boot” and classics such as “Game of Thrones” are shown here. The range also includes more than 80 free TV channels. In addition to ARD and ZDF, there are RTL, VOX Sat.1 and ProSieben, most of which are in HD. In addition, customers can access broadcasters’ media libraries. TVNow from RTL Group is new to the show. However, this is not TVNow Premium. It can be booked as an option only. Apps should not be missing online either. There will also be a co-viewing with Netflix of the online version of Sky Q. You can also install popular apps like Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus or Spotify if needed. Apple TV Plus isn’t part of the lineup yet, but it was “definitely an exciting service,” it said at a press event.

Simplicity as an advantage

Sky attaches great importance to the fact that customers can easily access content. With the right subscription, they should be able to play content from TVNow, for example, without having to log in beforehand. Post “What should I watch?” is a new job. Here, Sky makes recommendations based on the content you’ve watched, but also shows what other users like to watch. The Media Libraries overview page works in a similar way. Here TV fans can find out what content is especially popular at the moment. If you do not want to search the menus by remote control, you can use the voice control of the online version as with the TV receiver, and simply launch into the existing program with “RTL”.

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Sky Q: This doesn’t work online

The brave new world of the internet also has its limits at Sky. To start off, HD is the best resolution you can get on your screen. The streaming box is also UHD capable. However, Sky does not want to activate the HD content until later, perhaps also to avoid early failures or long waiting times at the start. Advantage for customers: 6Mbit/s line should be enough for smooth streaming. You also have to dispense with the recording function. Reason: If you stream online, find content in your media library. This seems crucial.

Sky Q over IP: Pricing and Availability

You can order Sky Q online from August 3, 2021. In addition to the streaming box, the starter package includes the Sky Entertainment package and access to more than 80 free TV channels, convenient media libraries and the Sky Go smartphone app. Cost: 12.50 euros. This contract is initially for a period of twelve months. From the thirteenth month onwards, you can cancel monthly if necessary. As with the cable version, you can book additional packages upon request. The Bundesliga package costs around €12.50 the first year and an additional €15 after that. Anyone who already has a Sky-Q customer should have the option to switch to the online form.


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