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Silver Box 2425 – der Launchtrailer –

NIS America is showing the trailer for the launch of The Silver Case 2425. This makes you want to enjoy a fun blend of adventure and visual novel. Silver Box 2425 Unites two mystery thriller novels silver case And the Twenty-fifth Suite: Silver Case in a group. What shocking facts were revealed in Kanto?

at silver case The city is holding its breath because of the mysterious murders. 24-Wards-Heinous-Crimes unit investigators have a suspect: Kamui Uehara, a notorious serial killer who murdered a number of government officials 20 years ago. This condition became known as the “silver case”. However, no one knows who – or what – a Kamui really is. Is he really back? Who is this damn serial killer?

Twenty-fifth Suite: Silver Case It takes place 20 years after the events of “The Silver Case”. A woman was killed in mysterious circumstances in an apartment complex “Bayside Tower Land”. This leads to a series of seemingly random events that Detective Morishima Tokyo encounters, among other things. When the puzzle pieces are assembled, a shocking picture appears…


  • Surreal Redemption: Two Thrilling Crime Stories from SUDA51. In a dystopian world with twists and turns, players must bring the terrifying truth to light.
  • Masterpiece: Players immerse themselves in the world of Kanto. Stylish and shocking art and music by the famous composer Masafumi Takada (killer 7And the DanganronpaAnd the No more heroes) Provide the appropriate atmosphere of excitement.
  • Double offense, double playing time: silver case And the 25 suites For the first time on the Nintendo Switch.

Silver Box 2425 It’s been available for Switch since July 9.

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