BSG Chemie Leipzig prevented bankruptcy for the 3rd time in a row in Nordost’s 11th match in the region, but only got one draw against FSV Optik Rathenow.

Leipzig – Caught behind, lost the win! The BSG Chemie Leipzig Is on the 11th day In the Northeast region Prevented a third bankruptcy in a row and gained at least a 1: 1 (0: 1) FSV against Optik Rathenow.

Just ten minutes later, FSV Optik Rathenow’s guests were able to get excited about the tour guided by BSG Chemie Leipzig. G BSG Chemie Leipzig / Moritz Heidenblut

At the Alfred Guns Stadium, Abdullah Tsafo scored 1-0 for the guests in the 10th minute. Florian Brockman equals BSG (1: 1/68.).

After the most recent 2-0 draw at BFC Dynamo, chemistry coach Miroslav Zakatik moved to two positions: Manuel Wagger and Benjamin Schmidt replacing Florian Brookman and Anton Gander (both banks).

Radeno’s Ingo Kalish, on the other hand, made no change to his starting line-up compared to the 2-2 win over Herta BSC II.

Semi Leipzig loses after lead: Double strike cheers on guests at Orange AKS
BSG Chemie Leipzig
Semi Leipzig loses after lead: Double strike cheers on guests at Orange AKS

Chemists, who started well with seventh place but failed twice recently, wanted to have their second home win of the season on Saturday afternoon.

Shortly after the start of the game, they went well, but after a mistake by optical goalkeeper Lucas Hyman, Florian Kirsten lost the lead (2nd).

The Brandenburg team had a little bit of luck and they were in the lead ten minutes later: Benjamin Pellet blocked a long ball forward, but there was no chance in Tsafo’s losing title – 0: 1 (10th). The basement kid (only one point in the last three games) was ahead.

Florian Brockman in the player cluster after his draw.

Florian Brockman in the player cluster after his draw. G BSG Chemie Leipzig / Moritz Heidenblut

As a result, mainly Jonathan Myomo pelted the box again and again: he went beyond a cross (16th), a pass (20th) and after a header extension (32nd).

Before the break, PSG got two better chances again. After a corner, however, Hyman argued against Schmidt, and Florian Kirsten did not drown him on the second attempt (41st).

With a lot of speed, it was necessary, the hosts came out of the locker room. Wagers highlighted Denise Jobal, but his decision from the left half was destroyed in a corner (46th).

"Give gas to your clan!": BFC puts ugly scenes in relation to the coach of Semi Leipzig in perspective
BSG Chemie Leipzig
“Your clan should be given gas”

It was usually going too far, and Jagatik -Elf pushes the balance – liked him! A free kick was extended to his head, and Brookman, who had been converted a few minutes earlier, was pushed freely in front of Hyman 1: 1 (68th).

The Joker lost a big chance to PSG 2-1 shortly before the end of Benjamin Lewis, but lost to his keeper (85th) by his title. It was 1: 1, with the Leipzigs slipping to eighth with 15 points, while Radheno moved up two places to 15th with eight points.

Available to Semi next Saturday (September 25, 2:05 pm / MTR) FC Carl Jayce Jena At 1 p.m., the home optics challenge against FSV Lacanwald is performed.

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