Isbreen's newcomer Joshua Stevens made his debut and had to step in as a temporary defender due to a massive shortage of personnel.
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from: Peter Schwenker

Isbreen's newcomer Joshua Stevens made his debut and had to step in as a temporary defender due to a massive shortage of personnel.
Isbreen’s newcomer Joshua Stevens made his debut and had to step in as a temporary defender due to a massive shortage of personnel. © Bruce

Hammer Esperin was not charged until after their ninth straight defeat in the ice hockey Oberliga Nord. With the last division, after a self-immolation battle on Friday evening in front of 487 spectators, the Hanover Indians lost 2:4 (0:1, 1:2, 1:1) and again came to the conclusion that given the current staffing, the quality for a third The highest German class is simply not enough.

IMPORTANT – The bad news that reached them at the start of the weekend made Hammer officials a lot worse than the renovated home’s bankruptcy. In addition to Victor Beck (knee surgery), who has been missing since the start of the season, Maximilian Otti, who underwent an operation on his shoulder, and regular goalkeeper Daniel Filimono (ligament rupture), the bottom of the table will have to dispense with the Czech Michal Spacek for a long time.

The defender broke a finger on his left hand in the 5-1 defeat at Rostock Piranhas on 19 November, but then played four more matches. Now he could no longer stand it because of the pain. The bones have grown together crookedly in the affected finger. That’s why Spacek has to go to the hospital for the operation on Monday.

Eight to ten weeks off

“I will probably rest eight to ten weeks,” Spacek confirmed on the sidelines of the match against the Indians. And this 24-year-old would probably do more harm from the procedure. “The epidemic has only hit us this season,” the annoyed Czech said. “Only we have more bad luck with injuries than all the other teams in the Oberliga Nord combined,” the defender said. “If all goes well, I may be able to intervene again in mid-February.” After all, Spacek could help his team with a potentially threatening landing round in March.

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But it is known that accidents rarely come alone. At the weekend, striker David Trivelato and defender Mike Orton also joined the polar bears. While Ortwein was lying down with the flu, Trivellato injured himself in the neck area during his last training session on Thursday. So debuting Joshua Stevens, who was signed only by the polar bears on Wednesday from league rival Hamburg Crocodiles, fell into the back seat. Stephens, actually a trained striker, represented Spacek in defending the first block in his hammer jersey premiere.

The decision is made by the majority of the individual

The fact that the Polar Bears were only 0:1 behind after the first third through Ruben Balka’s goal (sixth) was due to Marvin Nickel’s good goalkeeping performance and the Indians’ weakness, which left many other chances. In the last second of the first section, the Hammers self-destructed as veteran Michael Maassen allowed himself to be provoked by Branislav Bohanka and hit back with his wand.

The result: Hannover played most of the first five minutes of the second third and used this to score more hits from Mike Myskowski (24th) and Bohanka (26th). But the hosts also rejoiced that there was a man on the ice. Chris Schutz (30) cut short to 1:3. Shortly afterwards, Hannover’s Kyle Gibbons missed a penalty kick at the post.

Thomas Lichnovsky offered hope with his fourth goal of the season in the final third (48) for a short while, but Isbreen finally conceded 2:4 (53) through Gibbons. On Sunday, players will compete at the EG Diez Limburg Stadium at 6.30pm.

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