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Schrder, Kleber, Wagner Twice: These are the seven NBA experts in Germany

Schrder, Kleber, Wagner twice
That’s seven NBA experts from Germany

On the side of superstar Luca Tansik, Maximilian Kleber expects a successful season with the Dallas Mavericks. They also need tennis Schrder after a disappointing summer. The NBA has the first German pair of brothers, two young national players and one senior player.

Dennis Schrder (28 / Boston Celtics): The star player of the German national team is one of the big topics of the game-free time. I had to read many of the topics that Schrder gambled on. Instead of $ 84 million for four more seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, he will charge “only” $ 5.9 million from the Boston Celtics next season. “I’m 28 years old and I’ll be playing in the NBA for a long time. Money is not everything,” said Schrடர்der, who wants to make a comeback after a mixed season in California – and wants to make a recommendation for himself at the end of the season.

Maximilian Kleber (29 / Dallas Mavericks): With the help of top stars Luca Tansik and Christophe Porsingis, Big Man will probably have the best chances for the German players to have a successful season in the playoffs. “We all know how good we can be,” Kleber said, adding that after Rick Carlis ’departure, like his teammates, he needs to fix a new coach. Even under Jason Kid, Kleber sees his core missions defensively, and he wants to continue to appear as a successful long-distance shooter.

Daniel Thees (29 / Houston Rockets): The center moved from the Chicago Bulls to Texas, where he earned $ 36 million over four years. Aims to be a leading player on a team that is in the process of rebuilding. “I can be a defensive anchor,” he said, as he travels overseas for his sixth season and has long made a name for himself as a reliable team player: “I want to be there and help my teammates.” The team’s success seems almost impossible for now.

Moritz and Franz Wagner (24 and 20 / Orlando Magic): There has never been a German pair of brothers in the NBA, so the Berliners are grateful for the joint opportunity. “You have to be very lucky for that to happen,” Moritz Wagner said, but stressed how seriously they both take the game challenge at the same time. For Moritz and the versatile Franz Wagner under the basket it is a matter of establishing themselves in the elite league for the long haul. As for Orlando, both should come regularly for the season.

Isaiah Hortenstein (23 / Los Angeles Clippers): The 2.13-meter giant first had to earn his place at a training camp in California — and the 23-year-old was able to do it with great vigor. Hortenstein brings a strong set: he can show off his physique under the basket, but also has the ability to keep his teammates in the light. At his fourth NBA station, he finally wants to progress. The possibilities for this have already been confirmed in his previous clubs and now it depends on the implementation.

Isaac Ponga (21 / Toronto Raptors): It also won the contract for the season to apply and manufacture the versatile bonga that moved from Washington to Canada. The 21-year-old is still able to make progress in many areas of his game, but is already able to provide vital services in defense. Ponga wants to take the Olympics volleyball. Commenting on the quarterfinals in Tokyo, he said, “It was an inspiration to all of us.

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