Schlager star Andreas Gabalier enjoys being alone
Austrian singer Andreas Cabalier (Archive, April 2022)

Austrian singer Andreas Cabalier Photo: Image Alliance / dpa | Matthew Polk

Van BZ / dpa

According to his own statement, the Austrian folk musician Andreas Cabalier (“I sing a liad for de”) is “the happiest and most content single”.

At the moment he was experiencing loneliness, the 37-year-old told Munich “Appendices” (Saturday edition). “That too has its benefits.” For example, if he was on duty for seven consecutive days he would not have to explain himself to anyone. “Being alone means: less responsibility, less duty, no more guilty conscience,” Kabalier said.

After divorcing his longtime girlfriend Sylvia Schneider in 2019, Kabalier admitted that it was mainly his fault that they “spent too little time together”. He was often tired after concerts and needed time for himself.

There is still a certain nostalgia for partnership, Gabalier now said. “But I don’t think much about what should be and what’s coming,” Kabalier insisted. He also thinks it would be nice to have a family one day. But you don’t always have to have everything. Can dream too. That’s how it comes to be. I’m comfortable with myself at the moment. “


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