Goat Simba should be in the Guinness book: Ears MÄÄÄHss, please!  - news abroad

Thunderbird, what eavesdroppers!

Simba’s ears are 48 cm long – on each side. If owner Muhammed Hassan Narijo had his way, the animal should soon be in the Guinness Book of Records.

According to international media reports, Simba is an Anglo-Nubian goat. Toed ungulates are known for their really long, floppy ears, but in this case, Mother Nature seems to mean that especially well. Especially since the animal was born about two weeks ago – so it cannot be excluded that the spoons are still growing.

It is said about Simba that the animal shouldn’t have any problems because of his XXL ears. It is possible that a genetic mutation is responsible for this peculiarity. With a fluffy fur whip, the goats surely snuggle in their owner’s heart: the photos show Muhammed Hassan Narijo raising the goats with his hand and lovingly kissing them.

Goat kiss maybe soon

Goat kiss maybe soonPhoto: ddp / abaca press

Its owner runs a farm in Karachi (a city of 15 million people in the south of the country). Goat farming in Pakistan is a traditional source of income and food. “Hopefully, Simba will soon be the Guinness World Record holder,” Narejo was quoted as saying. Until now there were no goats in the ear specialty, and dogs were already honored.

If the representatives of the Guinness Book have already made their way to Karachi, they will say: “One ear, Mohas, please!”


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