Saturday “The Finals” in Berlin: How are they going?

R.Red one-piece suit, black pirate scarf, sunglasses and 5.90m jump. Bo Kanda Lita Baehre already attracts the attention of everyone with her costume and confirms the attention of the audience with a masterpiece performance which attracts him among the world elite.

In the final in Berlin, Leverkusen’s polar Walter increased his personal best by nine centimeters at the Olympic Stadium. He was not only the fourth German champion, but also the third on the world list. In the triple jump, Max Hess of Chemnitz won the German title for the sixth time (16.20m), with the first victory for Samantha Porutta Leverkusen (67.09m) in the women’s hammer throw.

At the multi-sport event “The Finals” in Berlin, a total of 190 results in 14 games, including attractive offers like archery, 3×3 basketball and cycling, are planned in four days – things are not so easy to keep track of. A lot of games are offered in a very small space in a very short period of time.

Lindemann won the triathlon

Laura Lindemann won the German championship in the triathlon at the sprint distance. The day before her 26th birthday begins with a 750-meter swim in the Wancy Lido. After 20km of cycling and fivekm of running, the favorite from Potsdam finally won over Annika Coach in Olympic Square. He later praised the event: “The audience was very cool and the stands were full. It was a lot of fun competing in front of so many people ”.

Canoeists and rovers go to the water in City-Spree. Leipzig’s Peter Kretchmer advanced to the current champion Nico Pickert’s sprint on par with Canoe One at the East Side Gallery. Tim Hecker of Berlin won the bronze. In the women’s kayak singles, Joel Hague of Lunn won the co-sprint against Paulina Passek (Hanover).


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