Russia is building a dam in front of the city of Tokmak

By blowing up the Kakhovka Stua in the Kherson region, Russia made it difficult, at least temporarily, for Ukrainian forces to cross the Dnieper River during their offensive.. deliberate deluge Clear entire regions Also part of the Russian defense strategy on other forward sectors.

Investigation portal “Bellingcat” He evaluated the satellite images that The artificial dam can be seen in the middle of the defense line around the city of Tokmak in southern Ukraine. One of the main attack axes of the Ukrainian counterattack is currently taking place about 50 km to the north.

Since the dam was built in early May, The Tokmakka River east of the city widened greatly and flooded some fields near the dam, writes the portal, referring to satellite images from June 6. Accordingly, the dam was mainly built with sand barriers.

For several months now, Russia has been preparing a Ukrainian counteroffensive in the south of the country. The layered defense consisted of multiple lines of minefields, anti-tank ditches, concrete obstacles and trenches stretched along the entire front line at a great depth. (Teaspoon)

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