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Nations League: No pay for a strong night shift

Nations League: No pay for a strong night shift

It was important to maintain tension and focus, after all, the start time being at 10.15pm. Not something unusual, even for kickers who are used to a late evening soccer and afterwards. Austria and Denmark have tried to cope as much as possible with the night shift caused by the blackout (next page). The Danes, by their side Christian Eriksen When the starting line-up was announced, the hosts greeted the hosts with enthusiasm, presented themselves wide awake, starting better, and continuing to play fast passes, the Austrians changed nine places compared to Croatia’s starting eleven (only Xavier Schlager and Konrad Laimer been left) again needed time to get used to. Unlike Usijek, the danger was not so great at first, from the team Ralph Rangnick She retracted bravely, but in the 27th minute it happened anyway. After a quick attack, the Austrian couldn’t follow through, they fired Hogberg a. Once again, the national team trailing the now feared Scandinavians, Ralph Rangnick’s reign saw their first goal.

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