RB Leipzig: Jogi Voice - These guys from Leipzig made it to EM!

The European Football Championship takes place from June 11 to July 11. Jogi Löw is now nominated for Germany’s final line-up.

Leipzig – Lucas Klosterman (24), Marcel Halstenberg (29) and Benjamin Henriks (24): these three players are from RB Leipzig They were allowed to hope for a spot in the team with national coach Jogi Luv (61) in advance. Two of them succeeded in the end.

Two players from RB Leipzig and Lukas Klostermann (24) and Marcel Halstenberg (29) have made it to the EM squad! © Federico Gambarini / dpa

By noon on Wednesday, the cat was out of the bag. At a press conference, the national coach finally provided the names of the players for the upcoming European Championship, which should take Germany to the top as much as possible.

In the end, two people were chosen from Leipzig. Lucas Klosterman and Marcel Halstenberg managed to win, as expected. On the one hand, Benjamin Henriks was unsuccessful in that, probably also due to the long injury break and short playing times associated with him with the Red Bulls.

Nevertheless, Klosty and Halst have a good chance of being regularly on the field for the tournament.

“Klostermann and Halstenberg have also gained international experience with RB Leipzig in recent years and have also improved better there,” said Love, summarizing the development of the two candidates.

The European Football Championship takes place from June 11 to July 11. The tournament will be held in 11 different countries.

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