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Rushing for the Pasteur Institute

Rushing for the Pasteur Institute


  • The “National Priority” label is speeding up clinical trials by making patient recruitment particularly easy.
  • The first results of the drug from the Institut Pasteur de L’Isle showed its ability to rapidly reduce the viral load in infected patients.
  • Pfizer is developing an oral or intravenous drug and will continue its trials after good initial results.

It was an expected boost. After identifying a particularly potent molecule against SARS-CoV-2 in several preclinical models, researchers from Institut Pasteur de Lille and Apteeus requested biotechnology from the National Ad hoc Steering Committee for Therapeutic Trials (CAPNET), set up by the government, to receive the “Research Priority” designation. Patriotism. ” This nomenclature speeds up clinical trials by facilitating patient recruitment in particular. After experiencing first rejection despite excellent initial results, researchers finally earned this designation on Wednesday, April 7.

The next step: clinical trials

Thanks to this acquisition, researchers hope to be able to start clinical trials very quickly. “In the face of COVID-19, vaccination is an effective weapon, but we will always need treatmentProfessor Xavier Nassif, Director General of the Institut Pasteur de l’Isle, commented on A. Communicate. I am delighted that the THERAPIDE project has been awarded the National Research Priority Mark and I hope we can quickly include the first patients in the study and measure the tolerability and efficacy of the treatment.. “

This treatment relies on changing the position of the molecule that reduces the viral load. “It is a drug that has antiviral activity so the goal is to reduce the patient’s viral loadTerence Begin, founding president of Apteeus, has described why. Changes virus replication in cells. When symptoms appear on an infected person, the viral load is very high. As with an antibiotic, we help the body to fight the pathogen, so the faster we reduce the patient’s viral load, the more effectively the body will be able to fight this agent.. “

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After the vaccine, Pfizer is on the path to treatments

After preparing its vaccine, the US company Pfizer announced that it is working on two anti-viral drugs against Covid-19. The first is given orally and the second intravenously. they “They are still at a very early stage in their developmentPfizer France spokesperson David Lepoittevin revealed at Parisian. The first results in the laboratory are encouraging and push the company toRapidly launch a clinical study in healthy adults to evaluate the dose and tolerability of this drugDavid Lipotivine said. The first results could arrive soon. The IV antiviral filter is also undergoing a clinical trial in participants with Covid-19 and hospitalized.. “


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