Covid-19 en Haute-Loire : le taux d’incidence et les hospitalisations en hausse

“On December 19, the infection rate in Haute-Loire was 667.3 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. It is higher than that observed at the national level (550.4), state services.” After a short lull observed last week, this rate returned to rise again. ”

Two deaths in five days in the hospital

As of December 22, 79 people are being treated in Haute-Loire hospitals (9 more in 5 days) including 5 in critical care (one other). And two new deaths were recorded in Haute-Loire hospitals within five days, with a total of 287 deaths since March 2020.

The county calls for maximum caution over the Christmas holidays. “While the virus is spreading very actively in the department, we must show responsibility for Christmas Eve: if possible do a precautionary screening test, limit the number of guests, respect physical distances, avoid hugs in particular, wear a mask outside catering times and finally ventilate homes For 10 minutes every hour,” notes the governor of Haute-Loire and the regional health agency.

Regarding vaccination in Haute-Loire, “Approximately 172,000 people received at least one dose of the vaccine on December 21, which is 75% of the total population of Haute-Loire. Among them, more than 73,000 people received a booster dose, or 32% of the total population Section. ”

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