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False claims! ‘The truth looks different’

False claims!  ‘The truth looks different’

Sylvia Wollny, 56, has been successful for over ten years in the TV documentary “The Wollnys – A Terribly Big Family.” Time and time again, however, its authenticity is called into question – and this is also the case now.

  • Sylvia Wollnys and her family have succeeded for years with their own show “The Wollnys – A Terrible Big Family”
  • Time and time again, Silvia, Serafina & Co have to make false allegations
  • Now one of the followers doubted the authenticity of the TV show again

The Wollnys: A huge success on TV

The Wolini family has become in Germany in recent years The most famous extended family advanced. Thanks to her show “The Wollnys – A Terrible Big Family”, almost everyone knows Sylvia Wollny and her children Estefania, Sarafina and Co.

Thanks to their TV fame, the Wollnys’ family life has changed drastically in recent years. Estefania, Sarafina & Co. have long since built their own fan base along with their 56-year-old mother. They are also successful as influencers.

Why is the family so popular? Among other things, maybe because they kept showing that they are They stick together and defend each other. However, in the past, many viewers and fans have asked themselves how realistic the TV documentary is.

The Wollnes Family: Everything is fake?

Years ago, I heard voices for the first time Putting a lot of things on display Or it could be a lie. Writer Kaja Schmidt in particular raised this suspicion in an interview with InTouch. Together with former Dieter Sylvia Wollnys and her daughter Jessica Birkenheuer, she published The Wollnys – The Unembodied Truth. At that time it revealed:

I’ve had a lot of conversations with Dieter and Jessica and I’ve learned that Woolley’s family, as you know them from TV, doesn’t exist.

The allegations seem to have been settled among many Wollny fans to this day. Time and time again, Sylvia Woolney and co false claims Facing – so far too. With a contribution from RTLZWEI, the viewer has now expressed his outrage: “Everything is just made for TV, the reality looks very different with them, to show something like that is imposing and close to physical harm.”

However, Sylvia Woolney didn’t let this statement sit on it and issued a stern follower announcement: “And what are you doing here with the attack? You should look in the mirror. Happy birthday.” Girl’s face!

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