RTL viewers debate Pocher's new show — and make a bad comparison
The new season of "The king of children's heads" He's having a hard time with viewers.

The new season of “King of Baby Heads” is having a tough time with viewers.Photo: rtl

In prime time, RTL has launched a new season of “The King of Baby Heads”: this time once again, three celebrities compete in different games for the dumb crown. Comedian Chris Tull was already scheduled, but his foot process made his participation impossible. Oliver Bucher stepped in for him, who was present in the first season, but was not originally intended for the current tour. The competitors are Guido Kantz and Martin Rotter.

However, it has already become clear that the format is having a rough time with the new attempt. Critical comments surged on social media on Tuesday evening. Allegations: lack of creativity and boredom.

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One of the moderates, the other two a duel and in the next two the positions are switched – this is the concept behind the “king of adults”. As the title suggests, bugs and glitches should be welcomed here, but the entertainment factor could have been higher, at least on Tuesday night.

The show was taped in March, so it wasn’t live, which had an obvious negative impact on this user. “boring, without crashes and spontaneous states” is the disappointing verdict. In fact, there were many unusual scenes in the first season. For example, Chris Tall had to stop a game due to his fear of heights, the comedian even cried and had to be calmed by Oliver Pocher.

The “King of the Children’s Heads” also reminded some users of the successful game shows on ProSieben, but not in a positive way either. The caption “Ordered ‘Beat the Star’ by Wish” pretty much sums up the mood on social media.

This user goes further and guesses: Could it be that 95 percent of the ‘King of Baby Heads’ were stolen from ProSieben shows?

Incidentally, another viewer in a tweet on June 27 speculated that RTL would have trouble with the show, and spoke of “Failed to rank with an ad”.

In the end, Martin Rütter took the day’s win at the show, which thus created a good starting place for the upcoming laps. Now it remains to be seen if Oliver Bucher will be able to catch up – or whether he will be left behind again. Anyway, one thing is for sure when it comes to viewers: even big names like him don’t always guarantee the best TV entertainment. However, it is also questionable whether the reason for Chris Tull’s absence is that “King of the Grown Ups” is only a disappointment.



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