Elizabeth Bourne, in turn, recommends wearing the mask in enclosed and

After Health Minister Brigitte Bourguignon, it was the Prime Minister’s turn to encourage the French to take this precaution.

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subordinate “Recommendations” but not Compulsory character. In the face of a resurgence of Covid-19 cases, Elizabeth Bourne, Tuesday 28 June, asked for encouragement to wear a mask “in crowded places” and others “closed spaces”, especially “Public transport”. The prime minister, who brought together departmental governors and directors of regional health agencies by videoconference, addressed many of the recommendations made on Monday by Health Minister Brigitte Bourguignon.

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This recommendation comes according to the rate of occurrence of the epidemic “doubled in one week in almost all parts of the capital and in all age groups of the population”Matignon confirms. Tuesday, public health France It reported a very strong rebound in new pollution cases, to 147,248, or 54% more than last week.

As the Prime Minister asked all Check the vaccination schedule.especially the French over 60 and the most vulnerable “The second booster dose should be used.”This is the fourth injection. They should also receive Awareness emails in the coming days of health insurance, says Matignon.

At the same time, the executive branch is working on a new bill, due to be submitted and considered in July, aimed at preserving it “Health Control and Security System” Until March 2023.


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