Malibu, California, is most famous for glitz and glamor, residences worth millions of dollars, and being populated with celebrities. However, this is only one side of this Pacific Coast community. Malibu is also nestled among the Santa Monica Mountains. Its 27 miles of scenic coastline, several state parks, and areas of chaparral wilderness also makes it ideal for a mountain biking adventure.

Biking in Malibu is not a casual affair. When you get away from the beach into the wild areas, the terrain can be quite rugged. With an electric bike for hills, you should be able to manage reasonably well even if you don’t have the most strength or experience. Nevertheless, you should still bring along a backpack stuffed with essentials, such as water and sunscreen. Once you’re thus equipped for your adventure, here are some trails you can explore.

Corral Canyon

If you’re interested in panoramic views of both mountains and the ocean, take your women’s cruiser bike to Corral Canyon and ride the loop. The trail begins and ends at the Sara Wan Trailhead and covers a 2.5-mile-long route. At the trailhead, you will find restrooms, picnic areas, sitting benches, and parking so you can fortify yourself before your ride and refresh yourself afterward.

Escondido Canyon Park

You can’t ride your bicycle right to the base of Escondido Falls, but you can get pretty close. You’ll have to park your bike at the trailhead and then hike upstream for one mile before you reach the 150-foot cataract. Altogether, the bike trail at Escondido Canyon Park is 4.2 miles, and most of the area is peaceful and wooded.

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Charmlee Natural Area

If you can visit Charmlee Natural Area during the summer, you’ll have a lot more time to explore it. It opens at 8:00 a.m. every morning and closes at sunset. In the summer, this gives you approximately 12 hours at a time to spend in the 590-acre park and ride its eight miles of rugged biking trails. Be sure to budget some time to spend at the comprehensive nature center and to look at the displays of native plants.

Solstice Canyon

If you visit Solstice Canyon on a weekend, you may want to carpool with friends. Free parking is available, but it is limited, and weekends see peak numbers of visitors. Part of the reason for Solstice Canyon’s popularity is that it is close to the beach and its trails range from easy to medium. From Solstice Canyon, you can take the Castro Crest trail out of the canyon. As you gain elevation, you are treated to a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean after being surrounded by some pleasant green hills.

Zuma Ridge

If you don’t feel comfortable around crowds when biking, the lightly trafficked Zuma Canyon Loop Trail may be more to your liking. The 5.4-mile trail is rated as moderate difficulty. It features beautiful wildflowers and the most gorgeous views of the mountains and the ocean, especially on a clear day.

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