Bayern Munich: Koeman gets a new shirt number - reminds us of the club's absolute legends

Kingsley Coman previously wore the number 29 at Bayern Munich. This is now changing.

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Change to Kingsley Coman! The Bayern professional player gets a new jersey number. 29 obsolete, his new number reminds us of some club legends.

Munich – For the new season, there is a vital change in Bayern Munich. With Julian Nagelsmann there is not just a new coach. Existing forces such as Jerome Boateng and David Alaba also disappeared. The latter angered the Munich fans when he presented at Real Madrid. Things will also change for Kingsley Coman. Maybe it has nothing to do with the work environment – but with his work clothes.

Bayern Munich: Koeman no longer works with the number 29 – the new number reminds us of the club’s legends

The French European Championship driver will wear a new number on his jersey for next season. So far, Koeman has always ran with 29 on his back at Bayern Munich. Fans who purchased a wing shirt will have to go to the fan store again. Because from next season the number 11 adorns Koeman’s costume. Bayern Munich announced this in a message.

The number has been taken over by the 25-year-old from Douglas Costa, who returned to Bayern on loan last season, but is likely to be remembered as a failed transfer and therefore no longer at Munich after the season. His new number has a long history at Bayern Munich, which also reminds us of glamorous players and absolute club legends. Ivica Olek, Stefan Effenberg, and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, among others, wore eleven shirts over their shirts. Lukas Podolski and James Rodriguez also had the jersey number.

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Klingsley Coman gets a new shirt number – Commitment to Bayern Munich?

So now Koeman will play for Bayern Munich with the eleven – or not? Because negotiations on extending the contract are apparently stalled. Salary expectations for both parties may be far apart. Allegedly, Chelsea FC is said to be controversial for a player outside of the Munich squad – and has even offered Prazo’s dream player for an exchange. So is the change of numbers a small sign of the Frenchman’s loyalty to the FCB? In any case, it currently appears that Koeman will appear with Bayern Munich next season – especially now that he has secured a new shirt number. It remains to be seen if he will stay at Isar through his contract, which runs until 2023.

Koeman is currently enjoying his break after the European Championship before he begins pre-season. Thomas Muller is also traveling – and has now posted a somewhat disgusting post on Instagram with his greetings to his new coach. (they have)


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