Home science Reunion University Hospital developed a delta variable test

Reunion University Hospital developed a delta variable test

Reunion University Hospital developed a delta variable test

From 31 to 238 cases of delta variant in one week. The spread of the virus is not decreasing in Reunion, but rather it has been relayed over the past three days, according to the authorities. The number of intensive care admissions is on the rise, and the number of beds is expected to drop from 112 to 117.

The level of the coronavirus epidemic remains high in Reunion, with 10 deaths and 1,320 new cases of infection from July 10-16. The authorities said yesterday that the infection rate during this period is 154.6/100,000, but it has risen to 190/100,000 over the past three days.

The delta variant is progressing and relates to many municipalities. Thus the number of delta variant cases increased from 38 to 231 in one week.

In recent days, admissions to intensive care for Covid have increased sharply, according to the county and the ARS. As of July 20, 40 of the 112 intensive care beds were occupied by Covid patients. Nearly 58% of patients in intensive care for Covid have less than 60%.

The occupancy of all resuscitation beds in the department is more than 90%, the authorities specify, leaving a very small margin of 8 beds at most.

Increased pressure on resuscitation

Occupancy in intensive care beds has increased in recent days, it is now at 95%, according to Dr Philip Oquedant, head of the neurological intensive care unit at CHU Sud. A few weeks ago, the number of intensive care beds was reduced from 117 to 112. He said last night it should reach 117 beds in 24 to 48 hours, that’s 103 beds for CHU and 14 beds for CHOR.

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Patients treated in intensive care are younger, but not so young, as determined by the doctor. The number of patients under 50 years of age with comorbidities has increased. He confirms that none of the treated patients have been vaccinated.

Coronavirus itw Dr Philip Okoidant, Head of the Neurological Resuscitation Service at CHU Sud

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The delta variable increases the risk

Currently, there will be no patients with the delta variant in intensive care, but some sequencing results are still pending. For Dr. Philip Oquedant, it is likely that patients with this variant will do.

The doctor assures that the variant is increasing very significantly, but indicates that it is not necessarily more dangerous in terms of pathology, on the other hand it is more contagious and this is what makes its dangerous.

The risk of more hospitalizations in Covid units or in mechanical intensive care will increase.

Reinforcements are still waiting

Two weeks ago, the intensive care unit already had a stress attack. Consequently, reinforcements were requested and provided. Requests Some requests that are still relevant, on the Facebook page of the health reserve, in contact for the period from July 23 to August 9.

Last Wednesday, the director of CHU and GHER, Lionel Kaling, indicated that these reinforcements will make it possible in particular to increase the reception capacity in intensive care units in order to return from 112 to 117 beds.

Nursing and vaccination staff

In the neurological resuscitation service, all physicians have been vaccinated for a long time, as Dr. Philippe Oquedant specifies. This concerns hospital practitioners, assistants, interns, and even outsiders from urban France.

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At the paramedical staff level, the vaccination coverage rate is lower, but the exact quota cannot be given. The doctor estimates this at about 50%. Staff will be encouraged in this way, on the condition of “good pedagogy”.

The health crisis management bill considered by Parliament this week plans to make vaccination of health care workers mandatory on September 15.


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