Jan Castex announces that he has received a fourth dose of the vaccine for those over the eighties

Jan Castex announced, Saturday 12 March, in a interview in ParisianOpening the fourth dose of the vaccine“For those over 80 who have received their booster dose for more than three months.” The Prime Minister also said to recommend ” Urging people weakened by age or illness to continue to wear a mask indoors and in large gatherings ».

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Although there is currently Appeal cases “However, Jean Castix was excluded from” change strategy ». « The Scientific Council, which you requested, tells us that it is above all the BA2 sub-variable that is the origin of this regression ” Epidemic. “ It’s more transmissible than the initial Omicron, but doesn’t seem to be any more dangerous ‘, explained to Parisianrelying on the fact that Hospital pressure, which remains our justice of peace, continues to decline ».

“The improvement in the hospital and our high vaccination coverage lead us to keep raising procedures”He said, even if certain conditions for the abolition of restrictions are not met (there is no development of the epidemic, less than 1,500 people are in intensive care with Covid).

Support the most vulnerable

In this context, the Prime Minister said that he wants Supporting the most vulnerable. meaning, “We are now opening the fourth dose to over 80s who have received their booster dose for more than three months, and who are experiencing a gradual loss of their immunity”did he say.

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On Monday, the vaccination card, which requires vaccination to reach many places, will be lifted, even if its copy “healthy”which also works with a negative test for the virus, will be kept in health institutions in the broad sense: hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

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A mask is no longer mandatory, except for transportation, and again health institutions. This satisfaction pertains to schools, stores, and businesses in particular, which will retain the option of imposing it on their employees or not. Cinemas, restaurants or museums are no longer subject to this obligation since the end of February.


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