Republicans demand loyalty from presidential candidates

The American Republican Party is divided. Now the Pledge of Allegiance must provide the necessary support for the future presidential candidate.

The GOP leadership wants to bridge divisions within the party by testing the loyalty of the next presidential candidate. Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel told CNN on Sunday that candidates like former President Donald Trump should pledge their support for the candidate elected.

“You should go without saying, right? If you stand on the platform and ask the voters to support you, you should say that no matter who you run, they will support the voters.” Those who do not make a promise cannot enter the election campaign.


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Trump does not want to commit himself

McDaniel believes all applicants, including Trump, will sign the pledge. It is an important step to unite the divided party. Trump so far refuses to commit to supporting the future Republican nominee. “It will depend on who the nominee is,” Trump said in a radio interview earlier this month.

He did not immediately respond to McDaniel’s latest comment regarding the pledge of allegiance. However, a spokesperson for the Trump campaign told Reuters that “President Trump will support the Republican nominee because he will be.”


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