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Status: 08/19/2021 5:12 PM

The purchase of the shipyard Rendsburger Nobiskrug by Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft (FSG) is ideal. The cartel’s federal office gave permission, announced the insolvency manager of the Nobiskrug shipyard, Hendrik Gridmann.

A month ago, the FSG announced its planned purchase. The sale then took place on July 16, but remained subject, among other things, to approval by the antitrust authorities. The shipyards, with about 300 employees, will in the future be part of the Tennor Holding owned by financial investor Lars Windhurst. On Thursday afternoon in Rendsburg, employees as well as the Labor Council and the press reported on the prospects for both sites.

Commitment for at least ten years

Both sites will remain. However, in the future, employees will have to work together across locations, particularly in the areas of construction, management and purchasing. Windhurst confirmed that he wanted to be involved in both locations for at least ten years: “We did it because we were convinced that we would be involved in the long-term, which means it’s not two or three years, but ten, fifteen or more…and I suppose our commitment here. It doesn’t make up ten percent, and it probably doesn’t even make up five percent of our total balance sheet.” In addition, he announced the necessary investments.

Still looking for investors in steel construction division

Managing Director Philippe Marac also attended to present the objectives and next steps in the cooperation between the two shipyards. Still looking for an investor in the steel construction division of Nobiskrug with about 30 employees who, among other things, maintain and repair the Kiel canal lock gates. It has not been taken over by the FSG. However, he is confident that he will find an investor for this soon as well, the network man said.

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