'Red Roses': Catherine is overwhelmed by the fear that Leo will never wake up from a coma

Concern about the lion is growing on the ARD telenovela Rote Rosen. Catherine fears that he will never wake up from his coma. Your memories come.

Lüneburg – How bad is Leo (Daniel Hartwig, 44) really? Catherine (Nicole Ernst, 49) You feel very anxious and realize that Leo will never wake up from the coma.

Memories from her time in a coma give Catherine hope of reaching Leo. © ARD / Nicole Manthey

As preview of ARD telenovela “Rote Rosen” shows, she then has a panic attack. Memories haunt her beside his bed. She realizes that she can reach Leo even in a coma.

Full of energy and a willingness to fight, she decided to use these experiences to help the lion regain consciousness.

But it is not only Catherine who is badly affected by Leo’s condition. Sarah (Anthonia Jungwirth, 30) is also very worried. But Simon (Thor Lutje, 29) manages to catch her. The frequent closeness of the two is beneficial to her, and Simon sees this as a clear sign of their relationship.

Nicole At "ZDF TV Garden"First appearance after cancer treatment
TV Show
Nicole in “ZDF TV Garden”: First Appearance After Cancer Treatment

Britta (Jelina Michki, 44) suffers from homesickness during her rehab. Therefore, I decided to cut it off and return to Lüneburg early.

But when I arrived, I was stunned. There is a big mess in the apartment. Children have no desire to clean up. Carla (Maria Fox, 47) gave her advice to motivate children with confidence. Preeta decides to do a ‘yes’ evening.

Sarah is shocked to learn from Hendrik that Leo is not doing well.

Sarah is shocked to learn from Hendrik that Leo is not doing well. © ARD / Nicole Manthey

Merle (Anja Franke, 57) has an idea. She wants to bring citizens and politicians together through some kind of speed dating and has already started to organize such an event. Dörte (Edelgard Hansen, 67) and Gunter (Hermann Toelcke, 68) are concerned. They wonder if stress is good for Merle.

Frances (Sophie Juncker, 25) grows worried about David (Arne Rudolph, 32). However, when I learned from Günther that David had gone to a clinic in Hamburg, I was visibly relieved.

DrEpisode “Im Koma” (3561) of the ARD telenovela “Rote Rosen” from Lüneburg begins on Friday at 2:10 pm in the first and it is already. Advance in Media Library Available.

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