Queen Margaret II and Prince Joachim hold crisis talks

Queen Margaret II and Prince Joachim hold crisis talks

Then Queen Margaret took the unusual step of publicly apologizing. “I made my decision as a queen, mother and grandmother, but as a mother and grandmother I underestimated how much my youngest son and his family were affected,” the 82-year-old said. She hopes that she can now “find peace as a family to get through this situation.”

‘Everyone agrees to look forward’

Now her son is said to have taken a step towards her. Prince Joachim met the Queen for crisis talks. To do this, he traveled to Denmark from his adopted home of Paris. “Yes, it is true that the Queen and Prince Joachim spoke in Fredensburg,” Len Baliby, head of the royal family’s communications department, confirmed to Danish newspaper BT.

It is said that there was an argument between the 53-year-old and his mother. “Everyone agrees to look forward, and as the Queen herself said, she and Prince Joachim want to find a peaceful way,” Balbi said. A good reference to Danish royal expert Jacob Heinel Jensen: “This is what we’ve been waiting for. The radio silence is over, and now they’re talking. It’s a positive, inevitable and crucial development for their relationship,” he told BT.


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