Shortage of supplies: New York declares a state of emergency due to immigrants

Shortage of supplies: New York declares a state of emergency due to immigrants

Status: 07.10.2022 10:05 PM

Immigrants from South and Central America have been coming to New York for months. According to Mayor Adams, there are now about 17,000. The city can no longer support them all and needs help.

After thousands of immigrants arrived from the southern border region, the New York Mayor Eric Adams, declared a state of emergency. “We now have a situation where more people are arriving in New York than we can immediately accommodate, including families with children and young children,” Adams said. The city is unable to support many people.

The mayor said the city will have to raise $1 billion for this year, asking for help from both the state of New York and the US government in Washington. The declaration of a state of emergency allows the transfer of federal funds.

“We’re on the edge,” Adams said. “We need help, and we need it now.” According to Adams, between five and six buses carrying migrants arrive each day, and nine buses on Thursday alone. According to the mayor, New York has already opened 42 new homeless shelters, most of them in hotels, but even that’s not enough.

Buses partly organized by Republicans

Since spring, immigrants have been arriving in the capital on buses, some of which have been organized and paid for by Republican politicians in Texas and Arizona. It is suspected that the attempt to pressure the government of President Joe Biden and bring about changes in immigration policy is behind this.

At the time, Republican governors from Texas and Arizona began moving immigrants from border regions to the Democratic cities of Washington, New York, and Chicago, among other places. A state of emergency was declared in Washington a few weeks ago.

Mayor Adams said more than 17,000 immigrants from South and Central America are already in New York. You are not permitted to work under federal law in the United States. However, Adams emphasized that people are welcome in the city. “New Yorkers have always stood up for our immigrant brothers and sisters,” he said. The pity of New Yorkers knows no bounds, and the means are not.


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