Putin's propaganda attempts to downplay the importance of sanctions against Russia

A woman in Saint Petersburg follows Putin’s speech on TV.
Photo: Environmental Protection Agency

Russian propaganda does not want anything to do with “hard sanctions”. She prefers to celebrate “higher interest rates” for Russian investors. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to portray the invasion of Ukraine as a success.

FifthMany Russians are accustomed to devaluing the currency and standing in long queues in front of the banks. Now, given unprecedented Penalties In the West, they are restless again, hoarding cash, waiting in front of counters and machines. Google and Apple payment services no longer work. The Moscow Stock Exchange was supposed to open later on Monday, but then never opened, and the central bank raised the key rate to 20 percent. There is no problem with state television: this level is “standard”, the presenter rejoices and celebrates higher interest rates for investors.

Independent economists warn of high rates of inflation. A spokesman for the President of the Republic protested against such scenarios Vladimir Putin, these are the “most severe punishments”, but one ready. Dmitry Peskov describes the fact that Putin himself is now subject to punitive measures as “ridiculous” and “extremely short-sighted”, but the president is “completely indifferent” to the process: everyone knows that Putin has no assets except for those who spend them all. Announcing the year.

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