PS4 Edition is now available in the Store and via PS Now - Launch Trailer

The launch trailer for “Shadow Warrior 3” is ready. PlayStation players can either purchase the bloody shooter from the Store or download it through a PS Now membership.

Shadow Warrior 3: PS4 Edition is now available in the Store and via PS Now - Launch Trailer

At the beginning of March, players can look forward to two new releases: “Elex II” and “Shadow Warrior 3”. The trailer for the latest title launch is now here, which we’ve included for you below:

The PS4 version of “Shadow Warrior 3” is available for €49.99 Playstation Store Available. The current generation version is not available (yet).

PS Now’s first launch title

This first-person shooter is also the first game to be available on PlayStation Now on release day. So users of the subscription service can download the title at no additional cost. The offer is valid until July 5 this year. Find out what PS Now titles are still showing this month In this article.

If you want to try out the subscription service, you can sign up for a 30-day membership. For this you pay the sum of 9.99 euros. Anyone committing to a longer period can pay a little less per month: three months costs €24.99, while €59.99 is required for one year.

In the third branch of “Shadow Warrior”, he again reincarnated the ninja Lo Wang. He and his former rival Orochi Zila embark on a dangerous mission to save the world. The two of them should capture a powerful dragon that had accidentally landed in their dimension.

To fight the opposing demons, Lo Wang once again resorts to insane firearms and the samurai sword. He uses Wallruns, double jumps, and a grappling hook to move quickly.

More news about Shadow Warrior 3.

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