3D Systems übernimmt offenbar Kumovis Alexander Henhammer, Stefan Fischer, Sebastian Pammer, Miriam Haerst und Stefan Leonhardt haben Kumovis 2017 gegründet. (Foto: Kumovis)

Both the American company and the Munich startup are active in the field of medical technology.

3D Systems is taking over, according to a report by your meds start comoffice. Both companies are active in the field of medical technology. The American company sells 3D-printed implantable medical products. With the acquisition, 3D Systems wants to open up new areas, such as the production of PEEK implants and thus virtual surgical planning.

Alexander Henhammer, Stefan Fischer, Sebastian Bammer, Myriam Hirst and Stefan Leonhardt founded Komovis in 2017 at the University of Munich. The founders use PEEK and 3D printing technology to develop medical products such as human implants and surgical instruments. The startup expanded to the United States last year in order to better serve North American customers. With the merger with 3D Systems, Kumovis’ technology will now also be used in Colorado and Belgium.

“By joining forces with 3D Systems, we can combine their premium solutions with our unique PEEK printing technology to deliver efficient, reliable and end-to-end workflows for custom implant manufacturing and improving patient outcomes,” says Leonardt, Co-Founder and Co-CEO. your meds to seize.

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