Public holiday today, December 31, 2021: When and where does New Year's Eve shopping open 2021/22?

Does your desire to shop know no bounds at the end of the year? Then you should know the current opening times for New Year’s Eve (December 31, 2021), New Year’s Eve (January 01, 2022) and Sunday, Jan 2, 2022, which is open for business!

Going for a walk between the years? Thanks to public holidays and Sunday shopping, there’s no problem between New Year’s Eve 2021 and January 2, 2022 — you just need to know when and where stores open their doors.
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During the Christmas holidays, shopaholics have always had to pass up the opportunity to shop for their liking at stationary retailers. If you want to shop again after the holidays on December 25th and 26th, you can do so at the end of the year starting from New Year’s Eve From December 31, 2021 to Sunday, January 2, 2022 – thanks to Sunday Shopping.

When and where does New Year’s Eve shopping open on December 31, 2021?

Do you want to enjoy shopping until the last day of 2021? So, New Year’s Eve shop opening times should be of interest to you. On New Years Eve, December 31, 2021, you have it all Germany Enough time to make the last purchases of the year – no matter if you’re missing a bottle of sparkling wine for a New Years Eve party, a cardboard bag or a cut-out glass Waste for the New Year To face.

Store opening times currently on New Year’s Eve 2021: In which federal state are opening times on December 31, 2021?

Since New Year’s Eve falls on a Friday this year, and New Year’s Eve in Germany is not complete. holiday If you have good cards, stores in your city will open regularly on December 31, 2021. However, store opening times are regulated differently according to the federal state: in Bremen, for example, stores close at 2 pm on New Year’s Eve at the latest Nothing can be done after 2pm in Hesse and Thuringia. Federal states such as Bavaria and Saarland allow stores to open on December 31. Until 8 pm at the latest, in Rhineland-Palatinate and Saxony, shops open no more than 10 pm. But note: some supermarkets or retailers open their stores on public holidays “midway” like New Year’s Eve by their own rules – if you get information from a merchant you trust in time, you don’t risk standing in front of a closed store door.

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New Year’s Day holidays: when and where do stores open on 01/01/2022?

However, on New Year’s Day it looks different: on January 1, 2022, stores across the country will be closed, and shopping fun will have a mandatory break on January 1 – all those who have already closed their accounts New Year If you want large-scale looting, you have to be very strong: in Germany there will be no public holiday on January 1, 2022.

Sunday Shopping Jan 2, 2022: Where do the doors open for Sunday Jan 2, 2022?

When the New Year’s hangover finally passed on January 2, 2022 and the desire for a well-prepared shopping spree awakened again, the question arises of when and where in Germany January 2, 2022, on the first Sunday of the New Year is open for shopping, there are opportunities for shopping . However, slots on Sunday January 2, 2022 must be looked for with a magnifying glass: only Elmshorn and Heide in the state Schleswig-Holstein Announced Shopping Sunday 2nd January 2022 to celebrate the Year of Shopping.

Apart from that, if you really want to shop, then you should resort to the online shopping option and buy the consumer goods of your choice online. But from January 3, 2022, everything will be business as usual when stores open their doors on Monday at known business hours.

please note: All information regarding shopping opportunities on December 31, 2021, on the public holiday on January 1, 2022 as well as on store opening hours on Sunday (January 2, 2022) NO WARRANTY! Subject to changes!

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