Protests against election results in Brazil: Bolsonaro supporters

They chant for several minutes, like a prayer. Your gaze is directed forward. But there is no altar there, but the Military Command of the Southeast in the Brazilian capital Sao Paulo. The verse they chant in chorus is from the first anthem of the Brazilian monarchy after independence from Portugal in 1822. 200 years later, empire, republic and military dictatorship later, hundreds of free Brazilians are now out on the streets equipped with the latest national team jerseys and mobile phones in hand to call for a coup. .

Radical supporters of the out-of-election president have been demonstrating since the election Jair Bolsonaro Against the outcome of the October 30 run-off election, in which Bolsonaro lost nearly two percentage points to former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva of the left-wing Workers’ Party. After the election, there were initially hundreds of street barricades, which the police endured for days. In many places, officials viewed it with complicity.


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