Probably not going to be a minister
SPD wants Nahles to head BA

Two years ago, former SPD leader Nahles largely disappeared from the political scene after a heated debate in the party. He will also not be offered a seat in the new SPD-led cabinet. Instead, he should run the Federal Employment Agency, according to a statement.

Former SPD leader Andreas Nahles should be the head of the Federal Employment Agency (BA) at the behest of his party. This was reported by “Built on Zondak”, citing “party information”. As a result, Nahles will not be among the SPD politicians announcing today that incumbent President Olaf Scholes wants to appoint them to his cabinet. According to Palms, Nahles signaled he was not “now” to a ministerial office.

Nahles resigned as SPD chairman and parliamentary committee chairman in the summer of 2019 in a dispute with large sections of the party, and has largely distanced himself from politics and the public. The move was preceded by lengthy battles in the SPD over responsibility for the historically bad election results, the formation of a grand coalition after the 2017 election and the SPD’s basic orientation.

For one year, Nahls has been the head of the Federal Agency for Posts and Communications, an authority under the Ministry of Finance, and an adviser to the EU Community Commissioner. According to “Palms”, Nahls may take over the new, significant post of BA chairman on April 1. Then the contract of the current incumbent Deadlife Sheel expires. As a result, Sheila does not want to continue.

However, the future SPD-led government will not be able to appoint a BA leadership. Agency management is elected by a board of directors, one-third of which is made up of employees, employers and representatives of public organizations. It is up to the central government to ensure the selection.

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