Premier League: Man United Legend – Pep Cardiola faces soccer attack

This attack did not let him sit on it.

Manchester City star coach Pep Cardiola (51) countered with Man United legend Patrice Evra (40).

What happened? Evra, who played for City rivals United for eight years, accused the Spaniard of not wanting personalities in his squad.

“Manchester City need leaders, but Cardiola does not like leaders. He does not like personalities. He’s a leader. It’s low on the team on the field,” the Frenchman explained on Amazon Prime.

He added: “He brings his teams together in a way that they can not train personalities. He did it in Barcelona, ​​but he builds his team to control everyone. If something goes wrong, he will always decide.

Pep counters now!

At the press conference held on Premier-LeagueDuring his team’s game against Wolverhampton, Cardiola was asked about Evra’s statements. “I do not want personalities? Aha. I do not agree, Patrice! I do not play. I need personalities and good players to play on the pitch. I did not read it or listen to what (Evra said, ed.). Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and good, incredible players in my training here. I have a long list of personalities I have and they all have World Championships Champions League And won countless championships.


Everything is going wrong with this own goal

What: AP Videohub

So why Evra’s word attack? “Maybe Evra’s right, but he’s proposing to get a job at Manchester United. Maybe now the odds are not that bad,” Cardiola said with a smile.

While Man City have the best chance of winning the championship in England, city rivals United are trailing in sixth place and are in danger of losing the European Cup next season. “Red Devils” faces total upheaval. So who has a place in the staff now?



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